The mailing address is PO BOX 40, Anaheim, CA 92815.
For Claims: 650-780-4833; For Cancellations/Transfers: 650-780-4844.
Cancellation requests may be submitted by the following methods:

1. Dealer may submit electronically via WSCC website per contract holder/lienholder’s behalf. The dealer can locate this particular function under “Services “tab when login. Select “Cancellations” and enter the require fields; or

2. Submit it as a scanned signed document attached to an email. Send the email to; or

3.Fax the signed cancellation request to 650-780-4844; or

4. Mail signed cancellation request via US Postal mail to: PO BOX 40, Anaheim, CA 92815.

Yes, you may transfer your contract when you sell your vehicle.
All transfers may be submitted by the following methods:

1. Send transfer requests with transfer fee via US Postal mail to: POX BX 40, Anaheim, CA 92815; or

2. Submit it as a scanned document attached to an email with credit card authorization form. Send the email to

For Dealer: Locate the forms under “Guidelines/Forms” on our website. For Contract Holder: Contact us at 800-543-5225 and we will forward you the requested forms.
Mail all payments and service contracts to PO BOX 40, Anaheim, CA 92815.
You may fax or email the following documents to WSCC Claims department:

1. Receipt/ Invoice

2. Copy of the service contract.

You can purchase any WSC products from an authorized selling dealer. Contact us at 800-543-5225 or email
The contract holder must take the vehicle to a dealer or repair facility. The facility will contact WSC and submit claim prior to any repairs.
The contract holder may submit the receipt or invoice and copy of service contract. However, claims department may require additional information.
You can use the contract anywhere in United States and Canada.
Coverage is stated on the front page of the contract. Please read all pages of your contract for full outline of coverage.
You may request a copy of your contract by sending a request via email to or contact us at 800-543-5225.
You may review your cancellation rights located on the last page of your contract under “Cancellations Provisions.”
If you purchased roadside assistance you may call 855-622-0523. If not, you may call any towing service to have your vehicle towed, if your coverage allows you may submit your invoice/receipt for towing reimbursement.