Theft Protection

Proven deterrent for theft and illegal sale of your bike.

OwnerShield™ protection permanently marks your bike with a coded UV label. So it’s bad news for motorcycle thieves. They know that reselling is difficult because they must replace all major parts to change the total identification of a bike.

Law enforcement authorities agree that a coded UV label is the best way to permanently identify your bike. It can’t be altered, erased or obscured without incurring a major expense.

If your motorcycle is stolen, OwnerShield™ makes nationwide recovery by law enforcement agencies quicker and easier. If your motorcycle is not recovered, you will receive a cash settlement. Terms and conditions apply. See warranty forms for details.

How to Protect Your Home, Wherever You Live

Every 11 minutes, a motorcycle is stolen in the U.S.

Take the steps to protect your bike with OwnerShield™ – available from your local powersports dealership.