New Product Announcement: Lifetime Battery Program

New Product Announcement: Lifetime Battery Program

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New Product Announcement: Lifetime Battery ProgramAt McGraw Powersports, it is our priority to always offer new and innovative products to our dealers and expand our array of coverage options to ensure we are satisfying all of your customers’ needs. We are pleased to announce the launch of our Standalone Lifetime Battery Program, which is now available in Texas & Colorado for new and used vehicles and in California for new vehicles.

Our teams have worked tirelessly to get this program approved and ready for distribution just in time for summer. This contract is available for street-legal motorcycles, off-road vehicles, personal watercraft vessels, and snowmobiles.

As with a lot of our products, we make it a point to offer plans with different price points that fit your customers’ varying needs. For this program, in particular, individuals can choose from a Basic or Plus Plan, both of which have been carefully curated by our product developers to ensure that customers are getting the coverage they deserve. To learn more about the two plan options, check out the flyers linked below which contain all of the details to this offering based on your state. 

Our Plus plan is the first in the marketplace to offer coverage for labors, taxes & fees! 

This program is valid for the lifetime that the customer owns the vehicle and everything is done in-house as a first-party contract backed by McGraw Powersports. This means that everything from the product description to the claims process is handled meticulously by us, soup to nuts.

Here at McGraw Powersports, we aim to always be a resource to our dealers as your success is our success. If you have any feedback for us on this new product or want to suggest the addition of any other relevant products, please feel free to email us at