Not Having Insurance Is an Icy Slope

Jane AdlerPress & Events

‘Tis the season for ice, unplowed roads, and chilling temperatures. There’s another kind of bundling up your customer should think about – insurance bundling. Whether that means securing insurance or purchasing an extended service contract for a new addition, it is always important for your clients to be prepared, no matter the season. 

Whether on a snowmobile, motorcycle, street or off-road, or a UTV, accidents can happen. Damage is somewhat inevitable. After all, isn’t the point of owning these powersport vehicles to push them to their limits? Adrenaline is the alternative fuel source and, hey, that’s ok. It’s just important that individuals are presented with the option to protect themselves and their new investments.

Summer fun is one thing but putting the pedal to the metal during the winter months requires a whole new level of preparation and focus. We have a few pieces of advice to pass along to your clients if they plan to utilize their powersport vehicles between now and spring.

Our top tips:

1)    Slow down! Speed leads to loss of control which riders are especially susceptible to during the winter because cold weather inevitably means less traction on the road due to cold tires, water & ice on the road. 

2)    Keep your powersport vehicle in park if it’s snowing! This is just a good rule of thumb to avoid accidents.

3)    Invest in the right gear! This means heated gloves, insulated jackets, breath deflectors on helmets, and proper attire to protect your clients against the elements.

4)    Know your surroundings! Winter is probably not the best time to test out a new path or unknown terrain. Be familiar with the environment and also have a list of local tow shops and roadside assistance companies handy.

5)    Have insurance or a McGraw Powersports Extended Service Contract! Enough said.

We are here for you all year round and aim to be a resource for you and your dealership so that your clients can be equipped with all of the knowledge they could possibly need to enjoy their latest purchases responsibly. That being said, we wish you and your customers a safe and happy holiday season!