Sink or Swim – Watercraft Coverage to Keep You Afloat

Jane AdlerUncategorized

Ladies and jet skis, summer is only a season away and, while it may be hard to imagine, your customers will be spending their days on the water in no time. If they plan to veg out on their vessels, SPF isn’t the only thing they should pack. Personalized watercraft coverage can keep your clients afloat if they find themselves in a sink-or-swim situation.

As a California-based business, The McGraw Group and its affiliated companies, which include Pacific Specialty Insurance Company, McGraw Powersports and Western Service Contract, proudly provide protection for boats from 15 feet all the way up to 26 feet in length and sailboats from 15 feet up to 36 feet in length. Pacific Specialty offers comprehensive pleasure boat insurance policies, which include optional coverage for transportation trailers, personal property and towing and assistance. This policy also includes optional physical damage, watersports liability and transport trailer coverage. More so, the service contracts offered through McGraw Powersports ensure that the watercraft’s engine, jet pump, electrical components and instruments, seals and gaskets are all protected under the manufacturer catastrophic failure coverage.

“Coupled with our generous roadside assistance options, customers don’t have to worry about being stranded on the water if they run out of gas or need a tow. The roadside assistance plan for watercraft will even cover a flat tire on their trailer when it occurs while towing their boat,” said Jason Duncan, regional sales manager for McGraw Powersports.

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