The McGraw Group

The McGraw Group – A business steeped in tradition and family lineage

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The McGraw GroupJust as an eye is the window to the soul, a logo is a preview to a company. It is the visual embodiment of a brand, intended to put potential consumers at ease and leave a memorable impression that helps a business gain and retain clients. A logo done right can inspire brand loyalty, which, as we know, is one of the most coveted customer qualities to capture.

As a business steeped in tradition and family lineage, The McGraw Group and its affiliated companies believe that loyalty is the cornerstone of any great enterprise. As such, it was important to the founders to include a symbol of allegiance to their ancestors in the logo. This is seen in the shamrock that once adorned the Western Service Contract logo and now resides on the McGraw Powersports logo.

In Irish folklore, the three leaves of a shamrock were used to teach people of faith about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In modern-day superstition, a shamrock signifies luck and prosperity. Both definitions embody what this great company is all about. This is a company that was passed down from father to son. This is a company that appreciates the good fortune that has led to its prosperity.

Jack McGraw, the founder of Pacific Specialty Insurance Company, is the kin of Irish immigrants who hailed from Athea, County Limerick. His wife, Joan McGraw, is also 100% Irish and together they lugged their Irish legacy from Kansas City, Montana, and Nebraska all the way to California where they laid down roots in Menlo Park.

This Irish legacy stands for all of the hard work and determination that went into starting as the son of Irish immigrants and ending as the founder and CEO of a successful company. This Irish legacy lives on through Mike McGraw, the current CEO, as both a man of 100% Irish descent and as a graduate of the famed “Fighting Irish”, the University of Notre Dame.

The McGraw Powersports and Western Service Contract logos recently underwent some fine-tuning to improve upon the original versions, which were created nearly 3 decades ago. The goal was to merge the two, as Western Service Contract offers a suite of products for the powersports industry, thus simplifying the management of multiple brands. We now offer this up to date, attention-grabbing, universal representation that pays homage to the heritage of the founders.

Logos are a snapshot of a much larger picture. They are the profile picture that entices you to friend and follow. They are the front line, the first impression. With the shamrock front and center, McGraw Powersports and Western Service Contract proudly convey the goal of bringing luck and prosperity to all.