A Message to Our Dealers

A Message to Our Dealers

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When my dad, Jack McGraw, started writing motorcycle insurance, he was laying the groundwork for creating the McGraw Powersports brand, a company which would come about years later as the product of his hard work, dedication, and ability to make friends with just about anyone. Many of the dealer connections we still have today were built on this friendship foundation and we aim to always respect this symbiotic relationship as more than just a transaction, but as a way to support businesses that are built from the ground up. We know how hard you have to hustle in this industry, and we want you to know how hard we work to support this work ethic. 

In 2020, we promise to continue to provide you with the training resources we did in 2019 with hopefully a few more opportunities to learn from our trusted experts and hone in on the skills it takes to be successful in the world of powersports. This includes adding an East Coast F&I training seminar to pair with our popular West Coast one. It also includes participating and possibly hosting more webinars like the one we held last year on Increasing Your Bottom Line, check it out here.

Towards the end of last year, we sent out a survey to our dealers to get feedback on all facets of our company and the results proved invaluable. While we were excited to read that many dealers had only positive things to say about working with us, commenting on our “lightspeed integration” or our program and pricing being “untouchable as far as competitors”, we are also very thankful for everyone who took the time to point out where there is room for improvement. We read each and every comment and we take your suggestions seriously. In fact, we hope to make 2020 a year of fine-tuning our strengths and alleviating our weaknesses, much thanks to your valuable input.

We welcome any and all feedback and would love to hear from you if you didn’t have a chance to complete our survey. Email us at marketing@mcgrawpowersports.com and help us be better for you.

Once again, we thank you for continuing to trust us with your customers as we head into this new decade together!

– Mike McGraw, CEO

A Message to Our Dealers