Powersports Vehicles We Love

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A year ago, we published a love letter to our favorite powersports vehicles in honor of Valentine’s Day. We are continuing this tradition with a whole new list of loves, but this time, with a twist. In honor of our Electric Vehicle Extended Service Contracts, we are seeing green this Cupid’s month and highlighting our favorite eco-friendly rides.

Zero SR

This bike doesn’t skimp on the speed, going over 100 mph at full throttle. Riders can go up to 180 miles on a single charge and lastly, this sucker just looks sweet. We love that motorcycle junkies no longer have to sacrifice power for traditionally powered vehicles. This bike is really (dare we say it?) “plugged in” (we had to).

Brutus V9

The Brutus V9 is an ultra-heavy bike with that old-school chopper look. Chromed out, this thing weighs close to 800 pounds and has an unprecedented 280-mile range. That means you can have a nice, long cruise without worrying about filling up or recharging. And, hey, you’re being eco-friendly while looking badass.

Cake Kalk

The Cake Kalk looks like the coolest science fair experience you’ve ever seen. It’s ultra-thin, sleek design has been gaining the attention of the energy-efficient world since it launched. This bike doesn’t have a crazy range or a whole ton of horsepower, but it’s a conversation starter for sure.

Lightning Strike

The Lightning Strike just looks fast. This bike is also where environmentally friendly meets affordability. With a top speed of 150 miles per hour and a range of 150 miles, this road warrior is one of the most capable e-bikes around. The biggest plus? The turnaround time for getting back on the road with a full charge is only 35 minutes. Wow!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue…

We love these bikes,

How about you?

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